--Represented 9/11 widow displaced from litigation in New York, before Court of Appeals in New York, U.S. Supreme Court and in Probate Court in New Hampshire (pending)

--Obtained settlement in wrongful auto repossession case

--Represented dissident publisher in litigation regarding claims of unlawful removal from United States

--Settled market owners in claims regarding Dept of Agriculture regulations, accessibility issues

--Represented victim of financial fraud elder abuse in seeking nondischargeability of debt in bankruptcy

--Represented ousted owner of residential real property  in successful defense of bankruptcy remedies

--Represented bankruptcy trustee in claims relating to undervalued stock options (pending)

--Obtained settlement for homeowners in water system litigation alleging unlawful acts of local government

--Represented claimant in arbitration regarding real estate partnership breaches of fiduciary duty and mismanagement

--Represented United States citizens and spouses in proceedings challenging genuineness of marriage

--Represented former Asian, Latin American and Middle Eastern law enforcement and military officers and conscripts in claims for political asylum 

--Obtained visas for numerous religious workers, professionals and treaty investors

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